An 'about me'..

Today is a 13th. A number that people look at with some disrespect. A number combined of two odd numbers. But I joined for my job today, proudly on the 13th of July, 2011. If late it could be very late. So I made the decision to be working as the content manager of 'Travel and Shop'. Let me see if success doorsteps are too far or kithne door...!!! work gives me a lot of pleasure. I love the pressure which makes waves of energy flow from me... I want this spirit to go on in me...I want to see whether I can be fixed with my desirable decisions atleast..!
Glad to know that I am still watering and nourishing the flair for writing in me. Blog is like a diary for me now. I want to review myself. I welcome criticisms than appraisals...

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