Narcissist 'me

I love everything about myself

I love the way I cry when I slip down
I love the way I wipe my tears
I love the way I retouch my eyes

My eye liner would not smudge
My lips would not shiver
I wouldn’t look down upon me
I love that most straight posture of mine
Where I forget the moments of me being bent down
And smile back because you are not worthy of me..


    To make a picture of you who could contain me
I took so long,
But I am so dignified that it is you and
It is not anyone else.

    All mathematics learnt ever wouldn’t allow me to calculate
The volume of emotion flowing for you
For it is incomparable to any earth, air or water !


     It was never a dream
Dream could never imagine you
Some ties were supposed to break
Because I was destined to be joined with you...


There is no god
There is definitely no god
Nobody listens
All prayers go unheard
Nobody manages anything on this earth
Its just a planet
Where you, me and they live