The Vibrato of Silence

 “In silence, you can talk to yourself like you never did”.
Travelling can be something which can be discussed globally as a beneficial as well as an energizing hobby. Mind blowing! Yes, sometimes the breeze is too strong that your mind ‘goes with the wind’. Until the last of them are chopped down, until O2 is balanced with CO2 ,until the colour green is not prone to extinction ,will the exclamatory expressions of all languages remain accepting the fact that beauty lies  in the eyes of the beholder.
‘Incredible India’ is the idea of Indian government’s idea of tourism. It sounds the same for ‘enchanting Tamil Nadu’. Though ‘apartmentisation’ and ‘collegification’ has ruined a ¾ of this state, there are still places worth visiting.

My fair introduction has created a guess in your mind that it was propitious this time, I guess…! Yes it was when my bus took me through temples in green, red and blue, vineyards and coconut groves and red and yellow sareed women planting onion in the fields in the straight bent yoga posture to a place which the modern tech savvy man will have to once go for seeking peace. The sacred land of India has been witness to the lives of countless yogis, sages and enlightened beings. The Dhyanalinga Yogic temple, situated at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains in Coimbatore,is very much a part of this glorious tradition. The Dhyanalinga was consecrated by Sadhguru, a mystic and realized Master, after three years of intense prana prathishta .In the metaphysical sense, the Dhyanalinga is a live guru, an energy center of tremendous proportions and a doorway to enlightenment and liberation.

Other than all these, what attracted me most in the Isha yoga centre is that it does not ascribe to any particular belief, faith or religion. The whole pathway is created in granite and the first time your naked feet feels the stone you get the essence of the place. Nobody ever forces you to be at one place or so like in a normal ashram. A lot of visitors go in and out every time. Most of them are from various parts of India and even the world. Some of them come in search of the place, and some others consider Isha as a tourist place. Lot of swamis with cloudless faces can be seen walking with a white gopi and cream real patyala pants. Isha is not just a yogic centre. It is a happening place. A Sanskrit school, dance school, meditation centre etc are some other interesting programmes there.

For people who go there as pilgrims, it’s a perfect place. The main temple is to be reached after so much of sightseeing and experiences. First is three huge sculptures of Lord Shiva in his three forms-srishti, sthithi and samhara. Another one is the Linga Bhairavi temple which was recently made. Another one is the Theerthakund which is a consecrated pool of water energized by rasalinga made of solidified mercury. Crossing all these one can reach the Dhyanalinga temple wherein the 13feet 9 inches, mercury based live linga (consecrated energy in the form of an ellipsoid) is placed. The moment you enter inside the soundproof dome, you can feel what I mentioned as “the vibrato of silence”. It is all quiet and peaceful inside and one should meditate for 15 minutes in one of the twenty eight aura cells within the granite masonry wall. When I sat in one of those cells I heard only me and the sound of water dropping from the gold plated copper linga on the top. The silence was not forced, but created.

An eternal feeling of oneness with ourself is attained in one of those silent moments. And that I think is the main reason for the flow of people to this yogic place. The Pepper Vine Eatery which provides delicious dishes is another exquisite feature here .My journey was made complete when some people shared my same view of the speciality of silence there and when they whole-heartedly encouraged me to write about the experience.

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  1. i love this reading again and again....awesome writing; a mind blowing blending of the essence of a travelogue and ecstasy of the silence....keep writing :)