Magic number

I received a gift yesterday
So precious that no other yesterdays presented me

What is it?
Why do u treasure it so much?
Who gifted it to u huh???

Questions pop up, I know.
But answer lies in my eyes alone.

It’s not gigantic like one of your Teddies
It’s not attractively hued like the red red rose
It’s not fragrant like my Blue Lady perfume
It’s not delicious like the yummy chocolate fantasy
It’s not expensive like a Nakshatra Diamond
It’s not promising me that “I’ll die for you” (%@*...)
More than all
It’s not a living one, like the Vodafone Pug

But the moment I opened my eyes to it,
Felt myself flying weightless on cloud nine.

Whatever, I cherish it like
A simple chain, to a bare neck
A sweet jalebi , to a diabetic one
A magic box, with all chocolates
…pickle is to liquor.

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