The expression called “Awe”

Writing a travel experience is almost like travelling once more through those places. Here one considers himself an apprentice of the aesthetic world and tries to drink a drop from the ocean.
Unlike the previous ones this time I am taking you to a distant place, a small district in Kerala, a place known for its cool and soothing climate-Wayanad. Being a very small district one can finish seeing all the main tourist spots in a day itself. Many tourist packages to Kerala include Wayanad as one place. Being in close proximity to Ooty , one can also choose such a joined package. Tourists flow from all parts of the world in all seasons especially in summer. The air conditioned climate pacifies body and mind.

This green paradise is nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats, forming the border world of the greener part of Kerala. Wayanad hills are contiguous to Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu and Bandhipur in Karnataka, thus forming a vast landmass for the wild life to move about in their most natural abode.
As all sides are covered by hills main occupation of the people is in the rock quarries. The name Wayanad derives from ‘vayal nadu’ which means the land of paddy fields. But a recent visitor won’t say so because the paddy fields have been converted to plantain fields. But greenery still remains in all its shades. Westernization has changed the face of the “Africa” of South but not ruined. The topography does not allow much of the fads and fashion to reach there which in one way is fortunate. A train service is only a dream for the localites. The endearing fact about this quaint little hill station is its large tribal population of about fifty-strong tribes and their fascinating lifestyle. Travellers can stay at the tree top houses and mud huts and enjoy the thrills of jungle life.

Pookot lake is one unavoidable destination which is the largest natural fresh water lake in Kerala, surrounded by evergreen forest and rolling hills. An aquarium here consists of variety of fishes.  Banasura Sagar dam holding a large expanse of water, bounded except on one side, surrounded by magnificent hills and verdant landscape, has heavenly charm. The dam when full, along with the landscape, offers a mesmerizing sight to the visitors. Chembra Peak, the highest peak in Wayanad, stands at a height of around 2100 metres above sea level. The elevation makes it an ideal spot for trekking and mountain climbing. Edakkal Caves are famous for their exceptional rock art depicting human and animal figure carvings by Neolithic and later civilizations. Wayanad is blessed with some of the best falls within the state of Kerala. Three such breathtaking falls are the Meenmutty Falls, the Soochipara Falls and the Kanthampuram Falls, which are a must visit for every tourist to this part of the country. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and Begur Wildlife Sanctuary are ideal places for anybody to see different species of deer, monkey, wild goat, wild boar, elephant etc.

A new culture emerged in Wayanad is the “resort” business which results in gathering immense money. There are lots of resorts offering accommodation and tour which demands high amount of money from the travellers. The charm of the place attracts the attention of people all over the world and so this culture is still growing.

Whatever said and done, Wayanad is a worthwhile place to visit during any season of the year. Even the rains are special that the roads almost flood. Visiting Wayanad at least once in a lifetime is a must at least for South Indians who hold a passion for travelling.

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