Expecting the unexpected…


As always the headline best describes the whole past present and future tenses of merlin.  There was a day in my life that made me ‘lol’ (laugh out loud re..) in my childhood, the day I went madly searching and researching what my name meant to the world. Hush…I didn’t know who Google was at that age. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t grow my teeth then. Whatever, the dictionary said that Merlin was a wizard, a great man of wand. poor parents never knew such a thing and never thought that I would go behind sages to get a sacred secret about her name. Today I know the knowledge god Brahma in his techy – funky kewl name and he gave me the answer-Merlin is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in the Arthurian
legend. O my
Sitting in front of an old dusty ‘combootter ’ holding a 3 page resume, thinking that I am a legend by doing a course in ‘Mass Communication’. Never..nothing..proved..I remember my ever favourite proffy Thomas sir asking us to make blogs and start posting something that we write. Nobody listened. I tried. It dint go well. I didn’t try again. I know what is meant by real embarrassment. When my interviewer asked me to open my blog I was thinking multiple things. “What’s your blog address?”. “ Mai blog g addressss…”  There goes the pride of your course.
Sometimes we have to realize in life that we are nothing.  That can make some changes in you, some positive tick marks. But its even better if you have a will power to get up straight and correct it. The same mistake should never happen for the wizard without the wand or cloak or hat.. Anyways THANKS to Raj sir for shooting right at the apple.
So here’s my blog....!!!! Welcome....


  1. i dont even know how to comment on a blog.Let it be the begining of your bright future.
    Ooops.... about the blog..! Its really really really....!Ah just like enjoying the rain with a cup of coffee.

  2. So this is Merlin's sorry Wizard's second stage of writing the character herself.. good... walk.. walk.. walk..