ctrl C

Sitting in my room with suggested book ‘I too had a love story’ in the left hand, and coffee in the right, at 12.45 am, listening to the song
“gali gali ghoome.
Dil thujhe doonde”
I feel I too am in search of you or me?
I searched you everywhere and found many. They were all never you. They just resembled you. But the shadows are all dark. When the light rise up, those shadows vanish into multi coloured you’s and me’s.     Then I understood it was never you.
Once again I am wrong. Why didn’t I learn even after making several mistakes? But I do love my mistake. Because this is my own, mine and copyrighted life where I am what, when, where, how and why be the am.
Let tears trickle down
Let lips widen enough
Let me break my heart
Whenever I place myself for a You…
I do live the life for a reason

But what is you?
Or do you really exist?
Or is it me???