On a Sunday eve

When I lay in front of you
With my head bent down
I donno wat to pray…
I donno wat to tell you…
Coz I know wherever I am
U’re the only one who knows me in and out.

My lips give pleasing smile
But ur the one who knows how deep my heart aches…
U are the only abode,
I feel I am safe in…

Elsewhere I go, I keep on hiding
But to you I come, and get my tears wiped
Yesterday, today and tomorrow

To say, “You Jesus is the only savior”
My lips are not worthy enough I feel..

I donno how to stop my heart from breaking
When its too bitter and blue…
I know you’re near
I always turn my eyes away from you..

O’ Lord..
The one who shed even ur last drop o’ blood for me..
I ask you now
Pls take me back to you
Let me fall in the river of oblivion……..

1 comment:

  1. Nice lines...May God Bless You...
    But a small suggestion,try to avoid using 'u' instead of 'you'...Else it is perfect.

    Happy Blogging
    village girl