Battery Low

I know…I know…
Sometime before I was in love
In love even with the air that I breathed here..
But now I can feel some kind of foul smell
Hmm..the air stinks (he he)
And I need to realize it too…

The waves I emit do not match
They bounce back
Saying that ‘the subscriber you are calling is out of coverage area,
Kindly try after some time
Your mail delivery system has failed.
Hmmm..a recharge is now necessary
I donno how, but seriously requires to keep
Going on and on and on!!!
Because the miles are not yet covered…still ways behind…!


  1. You are lucky lady..When i opened my Gmail,It says,You are out of space for your Gmail account. You will not be able to send or receive any emails until you delete some items.You can view our tips on reducing your email storage or purchase additional storage.
    What the hell they think about me,how dare they can charge my love letter ?
    The miles are not yet covered…still ways behind…guess some day she will accept me with out a call or a letter !
    Even my UPS cries to warn me my battery is low,but who cares my cry ?