THE nocturnal day

Everything could go frozen in a day's time. . .

Wind was not strong like any Mike Tyson punch, neither monsoon poured down in the middle of a snowflake parade

But cold as ever is what my expression demands to put into words, when this day opened her eyes on me...perspiring chill !!

A 6:00 am in a 29th July trounced over all the unreal imaginations of his and hers in a fleeting moment

And all else was just Mr. Magic Emperors’ art. But we let it not far away t think and thank him for getting us the ‘original US’…

 The art was perfect, rather better than perfect. Like enjoying every bit of the smooth chocolate blended with the sweetest poison.. tenderly wild…breathing love into each other..

A lifetime of sweet fragrance that would never evacuate haloed them further.

Love is just as sweet as you are !!!

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