Unlike you

May be you got tired of the smell of my sweat drops,
my red dotted underwear,
my sagging breasts...

May be you thought I was just so beautiful, soothing, soft, silky and fragrant.

May be you were betrayed by my looks.

May be you thought I was the most comfortable pillow you ever had...

May be you couldn't accept the truth in you and me..

But now did you realise I was just some flesh a bit unlike you, but breathing through the same holes ??

Had your eyes stopped seeing my aura ??

So may be you feel weird
feel sick about me
think I act abnormal.

So if you want to leave me,
You are free to do so..

But let me live the woman in me..
With those unchangeable pimple marks,
Those dirty nail polish patches,
The feable self,
And this aching heart.

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